SHOCK Dance Challenge

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All entries with the use of props must be declared to SHOCK, and accurately detailed during the online registration process.

Props must be freestanding. Props are not permitted to be secured or fastened to the stage, ceiling, walls, wings or any other stage structure.

SHOCK cannot guarantee that a prop in excess of 3m in height will be able to be used.

Any prop or special effect that could negatively impact the health or safety of anyone in attendance, or the dancing surface is not permitted. Such props include but are not limited to: unstable structural elements, sharp objects or tools, weapons of any kind, hoverboards, fire, fog, smoke, pyrotechnics, liquid, paint, gel, aerosol, confetti, glitter, powder or ashes.

Helium balloons must be tethered to a weight. Charges incurred by SHOCK from the venue for balloons released into the theatre will be charged to the studio.

Simulated weapons with dull/safe edges may be acceptable with the approval of SHOCK Directors.

In the event that any part of the theatre is damaged as a result of a prop, the studio will be held solely responsible for all damages and repair costs determined by the venue.

Props can be stored backstage, as space permits. At the earliest opportunity, props that are no longer being used must be taken out (ie. awards/meal break).

Props must be prepared, set-up, and removed quickly.

If the stage is “littered” during a routine, the studio must be prepared to clean it up immediately after the routine is finished.

SHOCK reserves the right to limit the use of specific props according to the venue’s guidelines and restrictions. Failure to comply to the abovementioned requirements could result in score deductions or disqualification.