SHOCK Dance Challenge

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Music must be supplied to the music table for all routines entered in the competition, 60 minutes prior to when the studios first routine is scheduled to perform. All music must be edited exactly from beginning to end to avoid any confusion.

Music with suggestive or explicit language, as determined by SHOCK and/or the judges, could be subject to score deductions or disqualification.

Music is to be supplied on a USB drive that satisfies the following:

  • USB is compatible with Mac OS X.
  • Approved music file formats that are compatible with iTunes: AIFF, MP3, WAV, MPEG-4, and AIFF-C.
  • Audio file name exactly matches the Routine Title (do not number or include dancer names).

Music stored on a mobile device or external hard drive will be used for backup music only.

USBs not picked up following the competition will be discarded.